4 Notion Templates for Starters

A Notion starter pack for beginners

As some of you might know I am a heavy Notion user.

I use Notion for everything. From managing my daily tasks, keeping track of my finances, taking notes, to managing household chores & plants (yes plants) My day starts and ends with Notion.

Today I am going to share 5 Notion templates that would be useful for anyone just starting out with Notion.

1. Subscription Tracker

As we all know, everything digital is now subscription-based.

Companies that provide these subscription-based services have intentionally made the process of keeping track of and canceling them ultra-hard and this tactic works really well.

To not fall for these tactics I use this simple Notion Subscription Tracker template created by Julian Lehr to keep track of all my subscriptions. This helps me understand how much I am spending on subscriptions monthly and yearly as well as sends me a notification on a predefined date (usually a couple of days before renewal) so I can decide to cancel the service if I want to.

It's going to be an exercise initially to populate the tracker manually but once it's done it will make your life easier and will save you some dough over time.

2. Household Kanban

Managing a household is a complex task and one that is ongoing. Everyone struggles with keeping up with a pile of household chores that are always pending.

It’s a shame that people still rely on sticky notes and a whiteboard on a fridge instead of using a digital solution to keep track of household tasks.

When I started using Notion, the feature that I liked the most was its Kanban board, where you can keep a visual track of different tasks and their status, and who is doing what.

We use the Kanban board at work all the time and it's quite useful in managing complex projects. It’s the Project Manager’s best friend.

One day while browsing around templates in Notion I found this Family Management template by Xin Xin. It's just a simple Kanban board but for household tasks. Using the template you can create a task, set status, attach a due date, and assign it to a member of your family. For example, I created a task named “Book Driving Test” and assign it to my wife. Now she knows what she needs to do this week. Once she finishes the task she can move the task to Done column and I would know she has booked the driving test.

I and my wife live and die by our household kanban. We have found that we are able to get more done on time and nothing gets forgotten. I highly recommend this template or some sort of kanban board in Notion to manage your household tasks.

3. Habit Tracker

After reading Atomic Habit by James Clear I have been on a journey to form good habits and get rid of bad ones.

In order to keep track of my habits, I needed a tool. I know there are so many different apps in the market that helps you keep track of your habits but I didn’t want to install an app on my already overcrowded phone. Since I use Notion for everything I thought why not use Notion for the same. I searched for a habit tracking template and found an official Habit Tracking template.

It’s basic and functional. I can keep track of my habits on a daily and weekly basis.

Since I have started using this I have been able to stick with some good habits. I always look forward to marking a habit as done on my tracker.

4. Meal Planner

Every day the most burning question in our household is “What to cook for lunch and dinner?”

Not knowing what to cook, makes us order from outside more often then we like.

To get over this issue I started looking at Notion templates and found this really good Meal Planner Template.

I found this template last week only and have not used it extensively. I have started populating my meals for the next week. Now I know exactly what I need to buy from the grocery store this weekend.

I hope you will find these templates useful.

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