How to Make Killer Presentations on Zoom

Be a great presenter, read your terms and services agreement & play Netflix roulette

This week we will talk about a zoom app, a chrome extension, and an interesting website.

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1. mmhmm

With everyone working from home and the rise of video conferencing platforms like zoom, there is an ecosystem of apps and plugins getting formed that will enhance your current video conferencing experience. mmhmm is one of these apps that works with your choice of video platform (zoom, meet, youtube, etc.)

Even though Zoom and other platforms are easy to use and get the job done I still feel there are some limitations when it comes to sharing content, presenting data, or deck in the remote video conference setting. mmhmm solves all these problems and makes the presentation pleasing for the presenter as well as the audience. mmhmm is still in beta and is available by invitation only.

By mmhmm

I feel there is a lot to be explored in this space and will see a lot of innovative apps or plugins coming out in near future.

2. Terms of Service Didn’t Read

The biggest lie we all tell is “I have read the terms of service and I agree”.

With recent issues surfacing around companies not doing enough to protect their user data or straight out selling user data to 3rd parties, it has become important to know what you are signing up for, which is usually buried under these terms of services agreement that we as users never read and mindlessly agree and move on.

Term of service; Didn’t Read is a chrome extension that reads these terms of services on behalf of you and gives you a score from A to E. A being the best and E being the worst rating.

So next time you visit Facebook or Reddit, be mindful that it has a Class E rating.

By Terms of Service; Didn’t Read

3. Netflix Roullet

Have you ever found yourself endlessly browsing through TV shows and movies on Netflix for hours, to eventually end up watching that Friends episode for the nth time?

If the answer to the above is yes then Netflix Roullet is for you. It helps you answer the most important questions on a Friday night that is, “What Should I Watch?”

By Reelgood

You just need to tell what genre, type (TV Show or Movie) and IMDB score range and it will pick a movie or TV show for you. It's a fun little tool that you can use when you want someone else to make a choice for you.

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