How to Make Emails Less Distracting?

Boost your productivity

This week we will talk about an email client that will increase your focus and productivity.

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One thing at work, that is common across industries is email.

Most of our work-related communication occurs over email. Our work lives revolve around reading, sending & responding to emails.

Although email has made communication easy, it also has eaten away creation and work time. It is by far the biggest distraction at work.

Imagine you are working on a problem, trying to find a solution, you are in a state of flow. Suddenly, you see an email notification pop up. You click on the pop-up and start reading the email and now you are no longer in the state of flow and you start thinking about how to respond to this email.

I am sure most of us have been in this situation. No matter how much willpower and discipline you have, it's almost impossible not to click on that pop-up and read the email.

One of the effective techniques to solve this issue is batching. With batching you decide a specific time of the day when you open your email and spend predefined time to respond or to read emails.

To implement batching, one could simply decide a time of the day at which they can open up their email client. However, as I said earlier, one needs an iron will to not get tempted to open the email client.

In my search to find a tool that can help me solve this issue, I encountered Tempo.

By Tempo

Tempo is an email client that provides an inbuilt feature where you can set a pre-defined time of the day where it pulls all your emails. With this feature even if you get tempted to open your email client, it won't have any unread emails hence you won't go down the rabbit hole of responding to hundreds of emails and lose the entire day of productivity.

By Tempo

I have been using Tempo for the last few days and I like it so far. Apart from the batching functionality, its simple and minimal UI with no clutter encourages focused work.

Tempo is not free. However, they do offer a 14-day free trial which I am currently using.

I highly recommend It to anyone who wants to take control of their mailbox and get things done without getting distracted.

Thanks for reading.

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