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Is procrastination holding you back? Then this is the app that you need to get things done.


I have a soft corner for productivity & note-taking apps. I play around with a lot of apps focused on it.

To manage my to-do items, I have used a bunch of different techniques, like analog methods (writing it on a piece of paper), and digital methods (using dedicated apps on my phone and laptop).

I like the feel of writing things down and then physically marking an item done on a notepad. However, keeping and maintaining sticky notes & notepads sometimes become messy and hard to track. That’s where the digital methods excel, using which you can, on the go manage and track to-do items easily from any of your devices.

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If you search for a to-do app on the app store, the search result will be so huge that you might need a to-do list to keep track of which app to use.

App Store

Over the years I have used many of these apps like to-doist, Microsoft to-do, Google keeps, iOS reminder, etc. All of them got the work done but still, I wasn’t satisfied.

In those search results, I always saw an app named Things 3 at the top, as it was the best-rated app. However, I used to ignore it, because it was paid and I felt no one can justify that price tag for a simple app that provides one functionality. Well, I was wrong.

App Store

I read reviews and watched few videos on YouTube where people were swearing by this $70 iOS and Mac-only app.

This got me excited. But still, I was not willing to spend 70 bucks for a to-do app. So I went on their website and found that they offer a 14-day trial for the Mac app. I was all set to test this highly-rated app to get more done.

First Impressions

Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication — By Leonardo Da Vinci

The above quote from Leonardo Da Vinci resonates with me a lot. And I feel Things 3 embodies this really well.

It is simple and minimal.

It does one thing and does it really well.



Below is the inbox, where you see all your to-do items.

Things 3

You can assign when (today, this evening, on a specific day, or someday) you want to work on a specific item and that item will move into the specific section.

Also, you can put reminders on items as well as assign deadlines so it will remind you to finish the task by a specific date.

One of the features that I really like is, you can create to-do items from anywhere just by clicking control + space.

This will trigger a pop-up (as shown in the screenshot below). This feature is really handy. While you are in a meeting, you can quickly create a note.

Things 3


Things 3 provides a feature where you can divide your to-do into multiple areas like Work and Personal as shown below. Within the area, you can create projects.

Things 3


Any task that requires multiple to-do items to be done in order for it to be marked completed are called projects. For example, publishing an article can be a project that requires writing, editing, and proofreading subtasks.

Things 3


In the ultra-competitive market of apps where monthly release cycles are a norm, it's refreshing to see a small team at Cultured Code having yearly release cycles where they completely redesign the app rather than keep adding features.

I just finished my free trial and will be investing in the full version.

I highly recommend checking out their trial version to get more done.

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