How to Discover Rapidly Growing Topics on the Internet

Discover trends, get a detailed analysis of IPOs that matter, get more done, and host team-building exercises online.

Photo by Luke Chesser on Unsplash

1. Exploding Topics

I discovered Exploding Topics 2–3 years back while doing some research on trending topics on the internet. It's similar to Google Trends and it gives you a list of topics that are trending across various categories. It uses google trend and some of their proprietary technology to discover trending topics.

Photo By Exploding Topics

2. The S1 Club

If you are into investing in the stock market especially into upcoming IPOs in the tech space you will find The S1 Club very useful.

Photo By The S1 Club

3. Sidekick

This one is for productivity geeks.

Photo By Sidekick

4. Flink It

As I said in one of my earlier posts with the rise of conferencing platform likes Zoom we will see a lot of innovation in supplementary apps that rely on video conferencing platforms like zoom. One such app or service is Flink It, it helps companies organize team-building events online.

Photo By Flink It

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