How to Declutter Your email

Clean your inbox from unwanted emails






It’s not my bank balance or the value of my stock portfolio.

It's the number of unread messages on my primary email.

A result of mindlessly signing up for random services and subscribing to marketing newsletters to get that 10% off on the online purchase.

In simple terms, my mailbox is a junk box where things land and stay there forever.

I needed a mechanism or tool to unsubscribe from all the marketing newsletters in bulk.

As I do often, I started looking for an app that can help with the above, and I found Cleanfox.

Cleanfox is a free service that enables you to remove and block unwanted newsletters and emails with just one click.

How does it work?

Step 1:

Connect your mailbox

All you need to do is, provide an email id, accept terms and conditions, and register.

Step 2:

After registration and login, Cleanfox will scan your entire mailbox.

By Clearfox

Once the scan is complete you are ready to clean your email box.

Step 3:

Start the cleaning process.

By Clearfox

Clearfox will intelligently identify all the newsletters and will give you 3 options.

  1. Auto-delete
  2. Delete
  3. Keep

This might take some time depending on the amount of newsletters you have subscribed to however this one-time activity will set you up for life.

Once you mark an email to be autodeleted you won't see them in your mailbox ever again and hopefully, you won't reach 6 figures, unread email count.

Clearfox. also provides a dashboard where you can see the number of emails auto-deleted by the tool.

By Clearfox

I highly recommend this tool for people like me who have thousands of unread emails and have subscribed to tons of newsletters.

Thanks for reading.

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