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The agricultural revolution, industrialization, and the digital age have made our lives very easy and comfortable compared to our distant ancestors.

We no longer have to worry about where our next meal will come from. We can order any type of food, at any time of the day from our phone and it gets delivered to our doorsteps.

With food being so easy to get (at least for most of the middle class in developed and developing countries), we have stopped appreciating its value.

In restaurants and at home we see perfectly good food thrown away. Partly cause we don't…

This week we will talk about an interesting exercise that every student of Stanford University’s design program has to go through.

By Designing Your Life

The year has ended and now is the season of resolutions, goals, planning, and fresh starts.

Every year I make plans or resolutions at the start of the year and never follow through with them. This year I am determined to change that. So I went on a great google search on tips and tricks on new year resolution, life goals, and planning in general and found this really great exercise/plan named Odessey Plan.

You might have been asked…

This week we will talk about a website to discover what people are asking about, a blog on muscle building, and an online service to get high-quality icons & generate color schemes.

1. Answer The Public

Answer the public is a great tool for anyone doing market or customer research.

It taps into google searches (approx 3 billion every day)and cranks out useful questions people are asking around a keyword.

It generates the output in a mind map type visual, which is very easy to digest. It’s a goldmine of customer insights that you can use to create your next product or service.

By AnswerThePublic

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This week I am continuing with my YouTube recommendation series and will talk about some must-watch YouTube videos on the topic of International Affairs.

All my recommendations are from VOX and Johnny Harris. VOX is a media outlet that apart from hard-hitting journalism, makes really great content on YouTube. You might have seen their Explained series on Netflix. Johnny Harris is an independent content creator who has made some amazing videos for VOX in the past, some of which I am going to recommend here.

1. VOX — The rise of ISIS

Remember the time when there was a major crisis in Syria and Iraq due to…

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This week we are changing up a little bit. Instead of sharing interesting websites, products, or tools, I am going to talk about some really interesting YouTube channels focusing on historical events and topics.

1. Kings and Generals

I consider myself a bit of a history nerd. If I had to pick a new career, I would love to be a historian. I guess other than me, only YouTube knows this about me, and based on my watching habits, it recommended a video on Mongols, which had a really good-looking thumbnail. …

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Other than COVID cases, one more thing that also has seen rapid exponential growth is the number of meetings at work.

With so many meetings and no one taking ownership to take notes, it's hard to keep track of what gets discussed and agreed upon. With our team struggling with this issue one of my co-workers suggested using an app called Otter.

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In today's world, where you are surrounded by multiple screens, you constantly get bombarded with notification alerts, messages, and emails.

With this, it's hard to stay focused and get things done without getting interrupted.

I too was struggling with getting distracted and not getting things done. To overcome this, I started implementing the Pomodoro Technique. It's a time management method where you work without any interruptions for a pre-defined time (30–40 mins) and then you take a short break and keep repeating it.

After implementing this technique, I saw significant improvement in my productivity. I used a phone timer to…

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A few weeks back I was targeted an Instagram ad by a company named HipCamp. The ad had some amazing imagery of the outdoors, tents, night sky, etc.

I clicked on the ad and it took me to their website. I went through their website quickly and learned it’s similar to AirBnB but for camping/glamping.

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Since I started using the internet I have been using the in-build bookmark manager of whatever browser I am using.

A good bookmark manager needs to do two things.

  1. Easily and quickly add links
  2. Easily and quickly retrieve and access the link

The in-build browser bookmark managers are great at point 1 however they are miserable at point 2.

They do not have any functionality that helps users easily search and retrieve the bookmark that you might have saved a few months or years ago.

A few weeks back I stumbled upon a bookmark manager called which promised to…

Even though one of the most important apps on your phone, the contacts app is usually the most neglected.

Most users are happy with the stock contacts app on their phones.

However, there are power users who have hundreds of contacts on their phones, and their work demands connecting to multiple people via call or message every day.

If you are one of these power users or simply demand more from your stock contacts app then the app I am about to recommend will be really useful.

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A few weeks back I stumbled upon an iOS contact management app named…

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