This week we will talk about an interesting exercise that every student of Stanford University’s design program has to go through.

By Designing Your Life

The year has ended and now is the season of resolutions, goals, planning, and fresh starts.

Every year I make plans or resolutions at the start of the year…

This week we will talk about a website to discover what people are asking about, a blog on muscle building, and an online service to get high-quality icons & generate color schemes.

1. Answer The Public

Answer the public is a great tool for anyone doing market or customer research.

It taps into google…

Photo by Andrew Stutesman on Unsplash

This week I am continuing with my YouTube recommendation series and will talk about some must-watch YouTube videos on the topic of International Affairs.

All my recommendations are from VOX and Johnny Harris. VOX is a media outlet that apart from hard-hitting journalism, makes really great content on YouTube. You…

Even though one of the most important apps on your phone, the contacts app is usually the most neglected.

Most users are happy with the stock contacts app on their phones.

However, there are power users who have hundreds of contacts on their phones, and their work demands connecting to…

Amar Desai

A jack of all who what to do everything, to be everywhere, be everyone, but doesn’t know what he truly wants

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