Use the power of tiny habits and start reading

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Apply the concept of Design Thinking to your life

By Designing Your Life

Discover what people are asking, learn the science of building muscle, get high-quality icons, and generate color schemes.

1. Answer The Public

By AnswerThePublic

You never get bored with YouTube

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1. VOX — The rise of ISIS

The more you know about the past, the better prepared you are for the future

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1. Kings and Generals


Go out and explore the Canadian wilderness this summer

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Do I just pack my stuff and go to a park and camp?

What camping gear do I need?

Where can I buy camping equipment?

Where would I go to…

Edit your stories with this AI editor

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A travel guide for a weekend in Mexico City.

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  1. It should be someplace warm
  2. 5–6 hours flying time, as we only had three days
  3. On arrival Visa for a Canadian Permanent Resident

A must use mac app to view meetings directly on the status bar

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A comprehensive 9-days & 8-nights itinerary for your trip to Iceland

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Amar Desai

A jack of all who what to do everything, to be everywhere, be everyone, but doesn’t know what he truly wants

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