4 Must-Follow Blogs

A curated list of blogs that you need to follow for topics on life, productivity, and self-development.

This week we are going to talk about Blogs.

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In the era of Tiktok and reducing attention span the long-form blogs and articles are struggling.

Keeping your readers interested and not lose focus, in a 500–1000 word long blog is an art and we all need to appreciate the writers who are good at this.

Below is a list of Blogs that I feel everyone should read. Topics span from life advice to productivity to self-development. Everyone will find some value in it.

1. Wait But Why

In 2013 I read “Why Generation Y Yuppies Are Unhappy” article on Wait But Why and since then I have been a huge fan.

The articles are funny, witty, and covers a broad range of subjects. They use stick-figure illustrations to tell the story which keeps your attention and makes the content pleasing to the eye and easy to digest.

Wait But Why

2. Barking Up The Wrong Tree

I came across this blog recently and have started reading their articles religiously.

Their focus area is self-improvement and life in general.

What distinguishes it from thousands of other self-help and self-improvement blogs is its science and evidence-based approach.

All the articles are backed by solid research and provide you, in their own words “expert insight on how to be awesome at life”.

Barking Up The Wrong Tree

The only thing that I don’t like about their blog is the UI of their website. But again, I am not on this website for its design and the UI, but for the insight and the content, for which I don’t have any complaints.

3. Cal Newport

I have been a huge fan of Cal Newport since I read his book Deep Work. I recently finished his new book Digital Minimalism which I highly recommend.

Cal Newport focuses on areas of productivity. In his blogs, he provides practical and useful advice on how to get things done.

If you are a productivity nerd, then you should definitely check out Cal Newport’s blogs and his books.

Cal Newport

4. Mark Manson

Most of you might have heard about Mark Manson and his best selling book “The Subtle Art of Not Giving A F%CK”.

I love his blogs for the sole reason that they are funny and witty. The writing style is very casual and not taxing on the reader. You will definitely smile/laugh while reading his blogs all while getting some great insight into life.

Mark Menson

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