Guide to organizing all your bookmarks in one place

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  1. Easily and quickly add links
  2. Easily and quickly retrieve and access the link

Apply the concept of Design Thinking to your life

By Designing Your Life

Discover what people are asking, learn the science of building muscle, get high-quality icons, and generate color schemes.

1. Answer The Public

By AnswerThePublic

You never get bored with YouTube

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1. VOX — The rise of ISIS

The more you know about the past, the better prepared you are for the future

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1. Kings and Generals

The contact app that you will actually want to use

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Grow plants with the help of this app

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  1. Your favorite pass time during the spring & summer season is to visit nearby garden centers.
  2. You get envious, looking at other people's beautiful front yard and healthy plants.
  3. You spend a lot of money on buying plants that hardly last a season.

Clean your inbox from unwanted emails


You never get bored with YouTube

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  1. Real Fans — These are the OG F1 fans. They have been following F1 and other motorsports for decades. These are hardcore F1 fans who discuss technical regulations, watch F3 and F2, and spot a potential talent who will one day be an F1 champion.
  2. Casual Fans — These are the F1 fans who follow F1 casually. They have seen today’s backmarker & midfield teams like Williams, McLaren, Renault, Ferrari dominate the world championship in…

How to estimate a project using the power of AI

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Amar Desai

A jack of all who what to do everything, to be everywhere, be everyone, but doesn’t know what he truly wants

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